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Each player is responsible for organising matches with other players sharing the same table. Contact telephone numbers are printed on noticeboard : ( H = Home / W = Work ).

All matches must be completed by the deadline shown on the league sheet.

Matches incomplete after (minimum) 40 minutes of play are scored according to the number of games completed. No points are awarded for games still in play, or to be played.

Players are awarded points as follows :-

1 point for turning up and playing the match
1 point for each game won
1 additional point for winning match
(Maximum points available per player per match = 5 points)

A player who withdraws will be demoted. Maximum points (i.e. 5 points) are awarded to all other players in a table against any player who withdraws including any matches already played. In these cases the League Organiser will award any unclaimed points.

Maximum points (i.e. 5 points) may be claimed against an opponent if :

FTU An opponent fails to turn up for a match at the time and venue previously agreed by both players.

UTC No contact is made with an opponent despite all reasonable efforts to do so by the claimant AND that the claimant has been contactable* for most of the month.

UTP An opponent is unable to play at any fixtures offered by the claimant AND the opponent does not offer, or had not previously offered, an alternative fixture AND that the claimant has been contactable* for most of the month.

(* For the purposes of the rule 'contactable' means :- "available to receive calls, or respond to any left message within 24

In any of the above cases claimants should :

a) write "3 - 0" in their score box and award themselves 5 points.

b) enter the appropriate code (FTU, UTC or UTP) into the opponents' score boxes and award them 0 points.

If discrepancies are noticed between matches scores and corresponding points awarded the League Organiser will amend the points to reflect the recorded scores.

For each table the player achieving the highest points total will be promoted and the player(s) with the least will be demoted. In the event of a tie, points for/against will then be considered.
(Note: Variance in the number of players promoted/demoted each month must be expected, to accommodate others entering/withdrawing from the League).

Players failing to play any games without providing a reason will be omitted from the League.

Players who had been omitted, or had previously withdrawn, from the League may request re-entry into the league by leaving their details in the "Players Message" sheet. Players should state the month they wish to be re-entered into the League. Players re-entering the League after a period of absence will be placed as near 'as space allows' to their former position in the tables.

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